Adopter Information

Thank you for offering a home to a rescued cat from abroad.

Here is some useful information. that we hope will help the adoption go smoothly.


When we have booked your cat onto a transport to UK we will inform you of the date and confirm it with you. Please bear in mind it is a long journey and delays can and do happen so flexibility is essential. Please try to keep the day free to welcome your new pet, we cannot guarantee delivery at a definite time. Sometimes if the transport arrives in UK very late, delivery could be the following day.

In many cases we can arrange delivery to your door, however cats from Egypt & Greece arrive at Heathrow airport and we ask you to collect from there if possible. 

If that is not possible we can arrange further transport at an extra cost.

Adoption Fee

The adoption fee for most cats is £150. This includes the vaccinations and pet passport, spaying for cats over 6 months and transport to UK.

The adoption fee must be paid around a week before travel using our Total Giving checkout if possible (link below). If you are a UK tax payer please Gift Aid us - the extra donation we are able to claim back is very important in helping our charity to fund the preparation costs needed to bring the cats to UK.

On the Total Giving page please choose Adoption Fees for the Campaign/Appeal and in Message please put the name of the cat you are adopting.

When your cat arrives home

Your cat will have undergone a long and stressful journey and should be allowed to settle quietly for a while. We recommend leaving the cat in one room with food, water and a litter tray for the first day.

Please make any introductions to existing pets carefully and calmly.

Do not worry if they do not seem to like each other immediately as it can take weeks for the cats to become happily settled with each other.

Please do not overfeed your new cat, give only small meals at first, nothing too rich. Your cat needs to adjust to a new diet gradually.

Please keep your new cat confined indoors for at least 3 weeks before allowing out to explore.  Please make sure doors and windows are kept shut so they cannot escape and keep any cat flaps locked shut.

Pet Insurance

If you are going to get your pet insured we suggest you arrange this to start from the day of your pet's arrival.


All the cats are micro-chipped before travel but they are registered in the country of origin. Please register the microchip on a UK database as soon as possible.

There are a number of microchip databases such as PetLog or Anibase.

Please contact them and they will inform you how to register a foreign chip.

Let us know how your cat is getting on

Please inform us when your cat has arrived safely home, so that we can in turn, inform the rescuer abroad who has been caring for your cat.

We also ask you to send some photos of your cat in their new home- it means a great deal to the person who rescued the cat, often from appalling circumstances, to see the cat safe in a loving home.

We hope very much that you will join and participate in our adopters group here

If you have any question you can contact Lynn on 01323 831857