June 30, 2020

It is now almost a year since Tatyana moved into the property that we bought for her and the animals. The move has improved their lives considerably and work has been progressing on building accommodation for the cats and dogs.  A cat enclosure has now been constructed so that the cats can have secure outside space away from the dogs.  The dogs also have their own secure areas.

This has all been made possible by World Animal Friends and their wonderful supporters.  It is good that Tatyana has made good use of this wonderful opportunity and is working very hard to provide a safe home for the animals. Thank you so much to all who have given to this project.

In further news, Tatyana now also has an employee, Artyom.  He has been helping Tatyana for a couple of months and s...

June 30, 2020

This is Kira and Sakura, two delightful puppies that have recently been rescued.  The donations we send to Donbass enable puppies like these to be saved from a life on the streets.

You can donate using the donate button on the homepage here, thank you for your support.

June 30, 2020

Thanks to your support we have been able to help all of these animals this month:

😊 Two months boarding for Mrki & Camo in Bosnia - 140 euros for kitten food food/litter & 30

       euros for flea/worm treatments

😊 70 euros for Fizz & Bonita's boarding for one month in Bosnia (2 special needs cats)

😊 £50 for food for street dogs in Bangladesh

😊 120 euros for vet care for two sick kittens in Macedonia

😊 20 euros for kitten food & 25 euros for cat food for Magdalena in Romania

😊 £40 for blood tests for Zule in Bosnia (had FIP)

😊 £30 for sponsorship of Zeno tri-paws in Egypt

😊 £30 for eye ointments for Sightsavers Campaign in Macedonia

😊 £80 for passports for two blind kittens with Monica in Romania

😊 £100 for dog food in AMOS Shelter in Macedonia

😊 40 euros for Aida (dog) to be spa...

June 17, 2020

AMOS Shelter in North Macedonia, supported by WAF, has many cats and dogs that are looking for sponsors.  Will you sponsor a cat or dog for £10 a month until they can find a new home?  If you can, please donate here, adding 'AMOS' in the comments.  Thank you.

June 17, 2020

SOS for Special Needs Cats is a project run by World Animal Friends, dedicated to finding homes for cats with disabilities and long-term health conditions.  Nearly all of the cats are from abroad, including Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt & Qatar.

We have found loving homes for many blind and partially sighted cats, deaf cats and cats with three legs.  We have also helped cats with cerebellar hypoplasia and those that have been in accidents and left with injuries.

We always have cats waiting for homes, especially blind cats of which there are a large number.  The good news is that cats manage very well in the right environment, in fact many people are amazed at how well they cope with life.

If you would like to adopt a special needs cat please complete an adoption...

June 17, 2020

WAF has sent a donation of £100 to Orpita in Bangladesh to help with the care for the street dogs over there. The one in the picture was found unable to move, Orpita thinks that it might have been bitten by another dog causing nerve damage.  The dog is currently receiving treatment by a vet.

June 17, 2020

A mum and her five kittens have been rescued in Romania.  We need six people to donate £10 for fostering.  Once we know the sex of the kittens each donor can choose a name.  In a couple of months time they will be prepared for adoption in the UK.

Please contact us if you would can sponsor the mum and/or her kittens.

June 17, 2020

Recent donations have enabled the eyesight of stray kittens to be saved in Macedonia.  These are the latest kittens that have been treated in only one of eight veterinary clinics.  The vet has been able to save the eyesight of some of them but for others only one eye can be saved.  But this campaign is not just for kittens as dogs can be helped too.  The photos below show a mum that has been treated with the ointment.

Please help with a donation, however small (eye ointment costs £3).

Donations can be made using the donate button on our home page reference 'eye ointment'.  Thank you.

June 17, 2020

Twiggy is a lovely tabby girl, about 9 months old.  She's currently in foster care in Bosnia and is waiting for someone to offer her a loving home.  Twiggy will make a great friend for someone, she has been spayed and vaccinated and we hope that she can travel to the UK soon.

Can you offer her a loving home?  Contact us here if interested.

June 17, 2020

£500 raised from the recent WAF acution will be used to test all the dogs for heartworm and for treatment if they test positive.  Without these funds Bojana would not be able to do this.  Thank you to all our supporters.

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