June 30, 2020

It is now almost a year since Tatyana moved into the property that we bought for her and the animals. The move has improved their lives considerably and work has been progressing on building accommodation for the cats and dogs.  A cat enclosure has now been constructed so that the cats can have secure outside space away from the dogs.  The dogs also have their own secure areas.

This has all been made possible by World Animal Friends and their wonderful supporters.  It is good that Tatyana has made good use of this wonderful opportunity and is working very hard to provide a safe home for the animals. Thank you so much to all who have given to this project.

In further news, Tatyana now also has an employee, Artyom.  He has been helping Tatyana for a couple of months and s...

June 30, 2020

This is Kira and Sakura, two delightful puppies that have recently been rescued.  The donations we send to Donbass enable puppies like these to be saved from a life on the streets.

You can donate using the donate button on the homepage here, thank you for your support.