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Purrs was following an older cat that was trapped during a TNR program. She was so cute and sweet that the volunteers decided she deserves a chance for a loving family. Purss loves all cats and humans and spreads her affection and tenderness. Sweet and purring, she loves cuddles and hugs and being part of a family. Very playful and clever, relaxed and chamring. Suitable for nice children, a lovely companion in home life. Indoors or with safe garden. Vaccinated. Born June 2019.
Adel lives inside and outside the house of an elderly lady who feeds and neuter cats in the area. However, the cats are many and we try for the more sociable ones to find loving homes. Adel loves everyone around her. Relaxed and gentle mannered, nice with children and other cats. Playful and cuddly, very affectionate and tender. Vaccinated, neutered. Born August 2018.
Velvet was found by a lady in the streets, but she could not keep him.. Velvet is sociable and nice with everybody. He prefers to be with people as he develops a personal bond with his family. Loves to be petted and strokes. Purring, cuddly and affectionate. He loves to play and explore around. With strangers he keeps a safety distance. Needs a relaxed environment. Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative. Indoors or with safe garden. Born May 2019

Cute Madona lives in a protected warehouse with more rescued kittens inside a high fence. Madona is a cuddly and affectionate darling. Sociable with cats and people, discrete and low profile with gentle manners, she needs a relaxed environment to feel safe. At first she seems a little shy until she gets to knwo the persons and then she wants more and more cuddles. Vaccinated, neutered. Born September 2019.
Cheeks was living with an elderly lady who passed away together with more cats. The lady had no one to take her cats, so the big boy needs a new family.
Cheeks got his name because he has fluffy cheeks and looks like having a big head although he has normal cat size. His right eye has a cloudy spot.
Although Cheeks looks serious, becomes a kitten when he starts playing. He is sociable with other cats, loves home life and company with people and can be an only cat in apartment. He has never been

Yana is one of the cats that live in a warehouse with garden. Yana loves to be with people. She likes company, cuddles and hugs. She likes to talk and answers back as well when people talk to her. Playful and curious, but cuddles with people always come first. She needs to be an only cat. Can be indoors and outdoors or in apartment. In summer 2019 she has two little black spots removed form her breast and is doing very helahty up to now. Vaccinated, neutered. Born 2014
Lucy lives a cat lady's home together with many cats in and out, since rescued. She is very sociable, relaxed and easy-going. She loves people, cats and home life. A sweet, tender, purring and affectionate cat, a loving companion. She can be an only cat in apartment as well, since she likes indoors and people most of all. Suitable for children. Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative. Born February 2018.
Parios lives inside and outside the house of an elderly lady who feeds and neuters cats in the area. However, the cats are many and we try for the more sociable ones to find loving homes.
Parios is an adorable cat who loves all cats and people. Easy-going and happy, he socializes and adapts easily, likes to make new friends and receive cuddles. He can be an only cat or with other cats and likes to have company.
Vaccinated, neutered.
Born 2018.
Serios is one of the kittens living in a warehouse with garden protected by a hig fence, together with many more rescued kittens. He lost his right eye due to a dog attack and also had a broken jaw. He is a little shy with people he doesn't know and needs time to trust new people. He comes close with her own family and likes to be with people and follow up daily life by being around to see what is going on. Very sociable and comfortable with other cats and kittens, can also be an only cat
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